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Steve L.R. Kamer
3 min readApr 7, 2022


A Management Consulting and Coaching company specializing in Web 3. We provide guidance and valuable information relating to Blockchain, Crypto, NFT & DeFi. Inside the Block cuts through the noise for you.

The Company

Inside the Block is a small, dynamic consulting company ideally suited to help its clients to navigate in today’s fast-paced environment.

Besides traditional management consulting services and coaching, we are proud to call ourselves Monaco’s first fully licensed Web3 consulting company, offering a wide range of services dedicated to this revolutionary technology.

With our help, you can acquire the tools and resources you need to unlock your full potential, regardless of whether you are an individual or a company.

Mission Statement

In a rapidly growing and ever-changing global economy, losing track and feeling lost is easy. Trust us, we have been there. Inside The Block is a consulting company dedicated to education, dialogue and support so you can focus on your progression.

We are breaking down information bit-by-bit and block-by-block into bite-size, helping you to make the most of this technical revolution.

We believe that constant education is paramount for the widespread adoption and regulation of Web3. Only with a proper understanding of the matter can stakeholders make informed decisions that will help them and the entire industry to strive long into the future.

“We established Inside The Block to educate, advise, connect and improve.”

- Steve Kamer, Founder

What We Do

Besides the publication of articles on Medium.com, we offer bespoke consulting services to individuals, companies, and governing bodies.

We appreciate that every client is unique. Thus, our offering is tailored to your very needs, whether it is education, consulting, or project management. Access to a variety of industry experts ensures best-in-class service and allows us to bring you a wide variety of knowledge.

Our clients are at the center of what we do. We believe that in a fast-moving environment, close collaboration with our clients and dedication to the process is the key to long-lasting relationships and, ultimately, success.

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Steve L.R. Kamer

Ex-Banker, Father, Blockchain enthusiast. On a mission to Educate the World about a technological revolution, one block at the time.