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At BizUnity, we connect FinTech, Web3, and AI projects with partners and investors, unlocking value and improving the chances of success. Read on to learn how and why.

Steve L.R. Kamer
8 min readFeb 1, 2023

BizUnity in a Nutshell

We support projects to streamline the fundraising process by reviewing their business model, advising on areas of improvement, and connecting them with a network of potential investors.

BizUnity exclusively focuses on Web3 projects that seek to resolve a real-world problem and thus provide value to the ecosystem and investors.

BizUnity screens our partnering VCs for their competence and commitment. This ensures that deal requests can be placed in a targeted approach, facilitating time to market for both parties, investor and project.

Through our parent company, we can consult our clients and support them on their journey with advice, resources, and strategic partnerships.

BizUnity, a subsidiary of Inside The Block, provides a networking platform for Web3 projects and VCs.

A formal introduction to BizUnity

If you ever had a business idea, you quickly determined that finding the right partners is crucial to success. And although the internet is a great starting point to turn to for connections, the sheer amount of information and leads to follow quickly become overwhelming.

In the tech space, many projects are often well-equipped with technical knowledge but need targeted marketing, business planning, and fundraising skills. And while during bull runs, resources are abundant, the current market environment requires a more structured approach.

We, therefore, created BizUnity, a platform to connect stakeholders, investors, and service providers in FinTech, Web3, and AI.

Who is behind BizUnity?

BizUnity is the brainchild of Damien and Steve. While both come from different professional backgrounds, the conviction of next-gen technology such as FinTech, Web3, and AI unites them.

Thanks to an extensive career in traditional finance, Steve deeply understands the financial industry and has a far-reaching network across multiple jurisdictions.

On the other hand, Damien has a proven track record in the FinTech and Web3 space and possesses first-hand experience setting up and working for well-known entities in the industry.

In late 2022 they combined their strengths and enthusiasm to create BizUnity, in the form of a subsidiary of Steve’s blockchain consulting company, Inside The Block.

Meet the Team

Steve (CEO)

Steve is a former financial professional with over 20 years of experience advising ultra-high-net-worth individuals and companies. His conviction in the Web3 and AI space led him to leave banking and set up his own consulting company, Inside The Block, in 2022. Through his company, Steve is actively seeking to educate, build bridges and advocate the real-world use cases of these new technologies.

At BizUnity, he oversees day-to-day operations, the application screening process and produces written and visual content. He also brings a vast network of connections into the financial world and facilitates communication between tech and finance.

Damien (COO)

Damien has a nearly 15-year career in the trading industry, specifically in platform creation and backend security management.

After working for large forex brokers in London and Monaco, he discovered the blockchain world in 2016 and created his first Web3 company. This company is still operational today. He then set out to create a desktop trading platform in 2018, which he successfully sold to a large Asian exchange. After returning to Europe, Damien worked for a renowned market maker, exchange engine provider, and high-frequency trading platform.

Damien and Steve discovered their synergies while working on a project in 2022 and decided to create BizUnity. Here Damien holds the role of COO, acting as the lead business developer and technical expert.

What exactly does BizUnity do?

In a nutshell, BizUnity is connecting FinTech, Web3, and AI projects with Venture Capital (VC) firms. But we don’t stop here. We believe that simply carpet-bombing the market, and trying to introduce a project to as many venture capital firms as possible, simply with hopes of getting a lucky shot, is of limited success potential. Hence, at BizUnity, we take a holistic approach, closely collaborating with all stakeholders and in conjunction with their distinctive needs.

We are dedicated to helping our clients find the partners they need to succeed. To this end, we work with a multitude of service providers and stakeholders to provide projects with the tools to strive and give investors the research they need for proper evaluation and decision-making.


This is our core business and the ultimate goal of BizUnity. To us, successful fundraising is the culmination of a broader process.

For Projects: We help projects in the fintech and web3 space raise funds through various methods. We can support projects to find the most suitable way of funding and advice on different models. This may include crowdfunding campaigns, private token sales, or venture capital investment. Our goal is to assist projects in securing the financial resources they need to succeed.

For Capital Providers: We offer support to investors by pre-screening various projects, thus only presenting projects that match the scope and appetite of the investor, facilitating decision-making and time-to-market.

Consulting Services

Through our parent company, Inside The Block, we offer project and management consulting services that can help you gain valuable information to enhance your project, streamline processes and improve structures to run leaner and more efficiently. Click here to learn more.

Audit and Due Diligence

Trust is one of our core values. Thus, we offer assistance with audit and due diligence services, including pre-screening projects and VCs, assessing the viability of a project, the team, and the company behind it, before onboarding them to the platform. We help identify potential risks and issues.

Exchange Listing

For Projects: We help projects, and their tokens get listed on various exchanges, and we can help negotiate the fees with these exchanges on behalf of the projects. We aim to make it easier for projects to get their tokens in front of a large audience and increase liquidity. By working closely with a range of exchanges, we can often achieve preferential listing fees, removing costly barriers and thus helping them get the exposure and support they need.

For Capital Providers: Similarly, we can help VCs invested in pre-listed projects find the right placement providers for a token listing and thus help with the exit strategy.

Market Making

Most of our clients create a token to fund their project development with the ultimate goal of listing it on centralized exchanges. Some CEXs require the client to subscribe to a Market Maker to ensure that the token will be traded adequately with a tight spread, deep liquidity, and decent trading volumes.

To help our client to cover those requirements, we work with some of the most prominent Market Makers.

As for Exchange listing, we also help our clients to negotiate services & pricing with our partnered Market Makers.

Architecture and Coding

Architecture and Coding are at the very core of every Web3 project. Through our network, we can provide access to additional resources and talent. This can help projects be more efficient and reassure potential investors that the project is on track with all the necessary resources to attain its goals.

Project Marketing

Although we do not offer marketing solutions, we can help projects and VCs to optimize their marketing strategies and increase the odds of successful dealmaking.

How do you fit into the BizUnity ecosystem?

If you want to be part of the FinTech, Web3, and AI space, chances are high that you are a natural fit for the BizUnity community. To serve each customer to its full potential, we divide them into four distinct groups;


Projects are companies or individuals that seek to raise capital or require consulting for a product or service. We focus on projects in the Web3 and Fintech space, predominantly from the European and Asian, and African continents.

We only consider projects that pass a pre-screening by BizUnity, during which they have to prove their concept and identity.

VCs and Investors

VCs and Investors are individuals or entities seeking to deploy capital for investment purposes. Similar to projects, VCs and Investors are subject to a pre-screening before transacting through BizUnity.

Due to the complex nature of the industry, we predominantly target Web3-specific capital providers. However, we’re also well-equipped to introduce more traditionally oriented VCs to Web3, FinTech, and AI.

We love active engagement. Thus VCs and investors seeking an active role in addition to their capital are our preferred partners.

Service Providers

Third-party providers allow for a holistic and complete service catalog. We follow a modular approach, using external resources on a case-by-case basis, maximizing value for every member on our platform in the most cost efficient way.

Examples of external services are;

  • Strategic consulting
  • Access to Market Makers
  • Introduction to Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges
  • Help with Token Listings
  • Marketing & Community Building


Ambassadors are individuals and companies that help BizUnity to expand its reach. They help us enrich our network with Projects, Investors, and Service Providers. In return, they profit from access to our database of partners and customers*.

The circular relationship with our ambassadors is the fertilizer for BizUnity’s ever-growing network and service catalog.

*Data access is subject to approval by the data owner and under the governance of non-disclosure agreements.

What can you expect from BizUnity?

At BizUnity, we believe in quality over quantity. Regardless of whether you are a VC, a project owner, an ambassador, or a service provider, once you are part of our ecosystem, you are part of a community.

We help you present yourself within that community and find the right partners for your needs. Here are some examples of how we’re doing it;

  • Creation of one-pagers and investor presentations to help pitch the project
  • Assistance in communication with VCs and other stakeholders
  • Introduction to service providers, community ambassadors, and investors
  • Connections with industry peers and specialists
  • Screening of every community member to ensure diligence and trust
  • Active communication with community members and updates from the BizUnity team

Why is BizUnity different?

  • We carefully pre-select projects based on their future potential and real-world use case.
  • We help projects to spot deficiencies and provide solutions for improvement before we approach potential investors.
  • We don’t charge for introductions. We only charge for successful fundraising.
  • For VCs, we act as gatekeepers, only presenting them with projects that match their interest and appetite.
  • For Projects, we help open doors to VCs that have a genuine interest in your specific field and provide not only capital but take a role as an active partner.
  • We act as companions to our clients and partners, providing them with strategic advice and access to an extensive range of third-party providers to fill in gaps and enhance their chances of success.

How to reach BizUnity?

Whether you are a Project, a VC, or a valuable contributor to the FinTech, Web3, and AI ecosystem, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact us today at or contact us on Telegram (@bizunity) to tell us about what you do and learn how BizUnity can provide support.

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